If you like words, you'll know - and now you can have the app right on your Windows 8 desktop. is a dictionary that you can access from your desktop. This dictionary function - arguably the most important part of the app - is integrated into the charm bar - sweep your mouse into the top right corner, and the bar will appear. Search is the first option, then specify that you want the search to be limited to

As well as basic search functions, includes some of the more entertaining content from the website - your history, a word of the day feature (with pronunciation), hot words, trends and the interesting local searches (though it's not obvious how often this feature is updated).

In all, is an attractive and useful app. As we've seen with some other Windows 8 Metro Apps, though, it doesn't have any content or functionality that makes it stand out from the website, which is disappointing, especially as the app is optimized for tablet use and is a little ungainly on the PC. looks good, but it doesn't have anything that's not on the website.


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